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The Leconfield Hall

Leconfield Hall Petworth
A view of the lower hall in use
raked seating
A view of the upper hall with the raked seating out
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Leconfield Hall Petworth
Setting up for a party in the lower hall and kitchen
Lower Hall rooms
The lower Hall from the kitchen
The Kitchen
The Kitchen
Leconfield Hall the passive stack inside the roof
Leconfield Hall Petworth stack

Facilities and Equipment at The Leconfield Hall

Through the front door, there is a main lobby area with a lift, opening into a spacious area at the foot of the stairs, with doors into the downstairs rooms and the inner lobby. The kitchen and lavatories are off the inner lobby area. There is a hyperlink to a Hall plan on the right.

The code for the Hall wi fi is: LeconField

Cleaner/caretaker: 07903 771296 Please call the cleaner or tell the booking clerk if you require the raked seating to be put out for your hiring

The Hall Diary (and on-line booking) is now available - click here

Downstairs there are two carpeted rooms, the Garland Room And the Kevis Room. The two rooms have a wooden divider and can be rented singly or together. The larger (Garland) room has a further concertina divider to make a small Green Room for artists. There is a single hearing loop point with a microphone socket. A portable PA system is also available. Lighting is with overhead flourescent tubes and halogen uplighters. There are ample chairs and tables.

The kitchen has a hatch into the Kevis Room and is equipped with a cooker, fridge, hot water boiler, microwave, glass and dish washing machine, and ample crockery and cutlery. If the dish washer is to be used, it should be switched on early to allow it to heat up.

The Gwenda Morgan Hall upstairs makes a splendid and comfortable arts centre. It has a sprung dance floor, and retractable raked seating. A combination of the raked seating and extra chairs can comfortably seat 152 for concerts, and the capacity is 188 people for dancing or closely seated events.

View Hall layout with raked seating

View Hall layout without raked seating

There is an electronic projector, a built in screen over the stage, theatrical lighting and control box, and there are ample microphone points. A computer socket for a VGA cable is provided at the right hand side of the stage near the cupboard with the sound equipment, DVD player and hearing loop kit.

As you enter the hall the light switch for the lift and stair lobbies is on the right hand side by the lift.   The main switches (heating and lighting) for the committee rooms, staircase and toilets are at the bottom of the staircase.   There is a further light switch on the right hand side of the inner lobby by the gents toilet.   Inside the committee rooms there are two uplighters with switches nearby.

Switches for the upstairs  lighting and heating are inside  the hall by the exit to the fire escape stairs close to the lift.

Hall keys should include the key to the audio kit in the cupboard on the right near the front of the stage. This plugs in to the socket behind the curtain, where there are also switches to control the screen, the main power to the projector, and a socket for the VGA output from a computer.

The projector should be switched on at the main power, then controlled solely with the remote control (which is not very sensitive and requires patience!) please do not power the projector off at the wall until at least five minutes after it has been switched off, as it needs power for the fans to cool it down after use.

Heating and ventilation

The Leconfield Hall is an old building and tends to become hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

Heating is with electric convector heaters and (upstairs) radiant heaters on the ceiling. There are thermostats to control the heating, and these are best left at a moderate level with the heating kept on during the winter months. There are motion sensors to stop the heating when the rooms are not occupied. The roof void is insulated.

Ventilation in warmer weather is via a "passive stack" system (pictures below) where warm air is drawn out of the upstairs hall through the vent in the roof. For this system to work effectively, the two vents in the ceiling should be open, and, for maximum effect in hot weather, the auditorium doors and downstairs windows need to be kept open so they can draw cooler air into the building.

Images show the passive stack system for ventiating the Hall in warm weather